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2016 Silver Medal
Congratulations Machine Swimmers & Coaches.
Machine has been recognized as a SILVER MEDAL club for 2016!

2015 Bronze Medal
2014 Silver Medal
2012 Silver Medal
2011 Silver Medal
2010 Bronze Medal
2009 Bronze Medal

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Machine Aquatics Voted
"2014 Best of DC Suburbs Year Round Swim Team/ League"

Level 3 recog.

Machine Aquatics has been recognized as a Level 3 Club with USA Swimming for business management!

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First State of the art purpose built swim school in Fairfax County

Three Heated lesson/ training pools with maximum depth of 4ft. for safety & security.

Small group or private lessons for all abilities

Infant Water Safety & Swim Classes

Video analysis and stroke development for all levels from beginning to competitive youth swimmers to adult swimmers & triathletes.



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Parent Volunteering At Meets



Creating a positive environment where excellence is inevitable is only possible with the dedicated efforts of all MACHINE parents. Your child is swimming with one of the best teams in the nation, and part of that success is due to the parent volunteers. Parent support and involvement is vital to the success of our team.  We have created this list of volunteer positions to help you understand what each entails and to assist you in finding the job that best fits your abilities and interest.  Thank you for your continues support.

  1. Assistant Meet Director – This position is required by USA Swimming for every meet held.  The main responsibilities include, but are not limited to: obtaining a meet sanction, preparing and distributing meet invitations, organizing meet committees and distributing final results.  The director is an overseer, avoiding direct involvement in any one committee or activity.  Experience has shown that two individuals sharing the responsibilities works best.

  2. Safety
    1. Safety Marshals – Must be USA Swimming members and wear easily identifiable vests or armbands. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to checking the deck and the stands to make sure exits and walkways are clear. They ensure the parents are not on deck, the building is safe and children are behaving appropriately.

  3. Meet Volunteers

    1. Coordinator – responsibilities include, but are not limited to coordinating all timers and volunteers from the different sites, ensuring coverage for all jobs for the duration of the meet, preparing and collecting heat sheets, ensuring there is enough equipment and that it is in proper working order.

    2. Timer – times during swim meet.  All timers are shown exactly what they need to do prior to the start of each session. Each session lasts from 3-5 hours.

    3. Head Timer – works with the timers.  The Head Timer starts 2 watches at the beginning of every heat as backup in case a timer misses the start of the race.

  4. Setup/Breakdown – these volunteers’ transport and setup computer equipment and timing pads prior to and immediately after the meet.  This job requires a commitment of about 2-3 hours sometime the week of the meet to pick up equipment from storage, another 2-3 hours immediately before the start of the meet to setup and 2-3 hours at the end of the meet to remove the equipment.

  5. Hospitality – is provided for coaches and officials who usually do not have time to leave the pool between sessions.  Food and drink is provided for them at no cost. Any purchases made by an individual will be reimbursed by MACHINE with appropriate receipts.

    1. Hospitality Coordinator – This person plans, prepares and coordinates volunteer for the duration of the meet. Each major practice site is usually responsible for providing the food and drink one day of a home meet. (Note:  this position can be an additional responsibility of the site rep or can be a new position. 

    2. Hospitality Assistant – restocks hospitality as needed during the meet, may need to purchase some food as directed by the coordinator.

  6. Concessions – sell food and drink to swimmers, families and other patrons. 

    1. Concessions Coordinator - plan, prepare, delegate and coordinate volunteers

    2. Volunteers – sell food and drink during the meet
  7. Awards Coordinator – orders awards prior to the meet, prepares awards during meet and distributes to coaches at end of the meet.

  8. Officials – no meet can function without stroke and turn officials, meet referee and the starter.  These positions require training and dedication.  Training is provided by Potomac Valley Swimming and officials are required to maintain certification by attending clinics periodically throughout the year. 

  9. Program Sales/Posting Results – sell programs and finals heat sheets at the beginning of sessions and posts results (tape on designated wall) at the end of each event.

  10. Announcing – during preliminaries this individual announces the swimmers who have qualified for finals over the PA system.  During finals this individual announces the swimmers for finals and communicates the final results

  11. Scratch Table – This individual must be familiar with or (willing to learn)USA Swimming regulations regarding scratch procedures.  This job requires someone to work the scratch table during warm-ups prior to the start of preliminary sessions (to allow swimmers to perform positive check-in for distance events) and to remain at the table for 30 minutes after the results of the last event have been announced (to allow qualifying swimmers who chose not to swim in finals to "scratch" from an event). 

  12. Computer/Colorado Operation – works the computer system that records the results of each heat and event.

  13. Parking Control (meets hosted at Meadowbrook, must be on site 30 minutes prior to beginning of warm-ups) – help direct traffic and parking on the Meadowbrook parking lot.