Electronic Communication Policy of Machine Aquatics


Machine Aquatics (the “Club”) recognizes the prevalence of electronic communication and social media in today’s world.

Many of our swimmers use these means as their primary method of communication. While the Club acknowledges the value of these methods of communication, the Club also realizes that there are associated risks that must be considered when adults use these methods to communicate with minors.


All communications between a coach or other adult and an athlete must be professional in nature and for the purpose of communicating information about team activities. These communications for the 2019-2020 season will be conducted on a 3rd party platform and WILL NOT BE in the form of direct text messages between staff and swimmers.  All communications will have at least one (1) additional adult on the communications.  In most instances this will be a parent or another coach of the swimmer’s group.  

The content and intent of all electronic communications must adhere to the USA Swimming Code of Conduct regarding Athlete Protection.

For example, as with any communication with an athlete, electronic communication should not contain or relate to any of the following:

  • drugs or alcohol use;

  • sexually oriented conversation; sexually explicit language; sexual activity

  • the adult’s/ athlete’s personal life , social activities, relationship or family issues, or personal

  • problems; and inappropriate or sexually explicit pictures

Note: Any communication concerning an athlete's personal life, social activities, relationship or family issues or personal problems must be transparent, accessible and professional and will be shared with proper adults.


Coaches and Athletes may not be “friends” on their personal social media pages.  Coaches are not permitted to have any athlete member of the Club join their personal page as a “friend.” A coach should not accept any “friend” request from an athlete. In addition, parents should remind the athlete that this is not permitted. Coaches and athletes are not permitted to “private message” each other through Facebook. Coaches and athletes are not permitted to “instant message” each other through Facebook chat or other IM method.  Coaches and athletes may only communicate through the approved 3rd party communication platform that maintains a record of all communications on a server.

The Club and each training site has an official Facebook page and Instagram account.  The purpose of these pages is to communicate with our families and promote the activities and achievement of the team. 


Subject to the general guidelines mentioned above, texting is allowed between coaches and athletes with one additional adult on the communication platform during the hours from 7am until 9pm. Texting only shall be used for the purpose of communicating information directly related to team activities. Only times communications are permitted outside of these hours in the event of an emergency (practice or meet information change, etc.)


Athletes and coaches may use email to communicate but a parent will always be copied on any communications.  Emails will be returned within an appropriate amount of time but is subject to the coaches schedule.  Please remember that coaches work long hours at practice and meets and communications may not be returned for a few days if a coach is at a meet.  Machine does provide our coaches with communication guidelines/ hours in order for them to maintain a balance of work and home life.


The parents or guardians of an athlete may request in writing that their child not be contacted by coaches through any form of electronic communication.