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To register for the Stroke Mechanics, please click here.

To Register for the Developmental Stroke Mechanics at UMD, please Click here.

For questions about the team, please email our Virginia or Maryland Team Administrators.

Please note: Trial workouts will begin again after the start of the season.

Our 2017-2018 Season is September 11, 2017  - May 19, 2018. Swimmers have the option of continuing in our Long Course program through the end of July.  Swimmers in the 11 month program (Senior Orange, High Performance Orange, National Prep and National Team will begin workouts August 28, 2017.

Registration Fees and Payment Plans

Your annual registration fee includes the following:

    •    USA Swimming Registration Fee

    •    All PVS Meet Entry Fee (Relay & Individual)

    •    Nine/ Eleven Months of Training (noted in group description)

    •    Outfitting Package:  (2) t-shirts, 1 silicone cap and a car magnet

We are offering two payment plans this season. You can pay in full at the time of registration or elect to pay in three payments The three payment option will pay 1/3 of the training fees at the time of registration. For registrations prior to July 24th, the other payments will be collected on August 1 and October 1. For registrations between July 24th and August 28th, the other payments will be collected on September 1 and November  1.  For registrations after August 29th, the other payments will be collected on October 1 and December 1. There is no additional fee for the extended payment plan.

You will be charged the registration fee ($550) and volunteer fee  ($75) and 1/3 - OR- payment in full at registration. If your registration is not approved, all fees will be refunded.

If you are registering for the Stroke Mechanic program or the High School/Age Group Prep program, you will be charged a lower registration fee. There is no volunteer fee for these programs. The registration fee for Stroke Mechanics is $130 and for HS/AG Prep is $275. 

There is a $5.00 credit card fee charged at registration. If you choose the three payment plan, there is not an additional fee for credit card use.

Register all swimmers in the family at the same time to receive the 5% sibling discount! Please email Alison at the Machine office ( to receive the pricing information for the 2017-2018 season.

volunteer Fees

A swim meet requires many volunteers to run smoothly and efficiently. We rely on our parents to help us to do this. We charge a refundable Volunteer Fee of $75. This charge will be added to your account during the registration process. After 22 hours of volunteering next season (at meets, hospitality events, parent day, etc.), we will send a refund to you for this amount. 

Hours will be tracked by our Volunteer Coordinator in the Team Unify system so you can see the status of your hours.

Responsibility for Payment of Fees

Your registration for the Machine Aquatics program is not refundable. Parents are responsible for the payment of all fees for the full season. Machine is offering several payment options to our families. However, if your swimmer does not wish to complete the season for any reason,  parents are responsible for payment of  the full amount to Machine for the contracted amount. 

The total cost of this program includes the registration fee, volunteer fee and training fees.