Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is registration?

Registration is the enrollment of your swimmer with Machine Aquatics. When an athlete enrolls with Machine Aquatics, he/she becomes a member athlete of Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS), the local governing body for amateur swimming in the Washington Metropolitan area. At the same time the athlete becomes a member athlete of USA Swimming, the national governing body for amateur swimming. Registration enables the athlete to practice with his/her team and participate in local, national and international competitions. Upon initial registration, an athlete's times begin to file in the Potomac Valley Swimming Best Times Database and the athlete is insured through a policy required by all USA Swimming Teams (Machine is insured). Potomac Valley Swimming requires that a swimmer's name, date of birth, address, contact phone number and other vital information is reported with registration. Registration with Machine Aquatics may be done online. Please check the Registration page for more information.

2. What information does Machine Aquatics need?

Machine Aquatics needs the same basic information as Potomac Valley to keep track of its swimmers, their accounts, and their swimming progress. In addition to collecting the registration information for PVS, Machine requires athletes and their parents/guardians to complete a Membership Contract, a Medical Information Form and a history of the swimmer's times.

All of this information is collected during the online registration process.

3. I just left ABC Swim Club, how does that affect me?

When a swimmer changes teams, the swimmer's registration status with PVS is changed to "unattached". An unattached athlete is insured and may enter competitions but may not participate in relays. The unattached status ends 90 days after a swimmer's last competition with his/her previous team. Machine Aquatics must comply with strict rules about unattached swimmers; therefore, a swimmer's last competition date with his/her former team is critical.

4. How do I enter a competition?

Machine Aquatics participates in meets throughout the Washington-VA-MD region as well as nationally and internationally. Most of the competitions we attend are "open" competitions and allow all abilities and all ages to compete in a variety of events.

Meet Registration process is completed online at the Online Meet Registration page.

You will need your Login Information (email address used to register) and password. An email detailing this information will be sent to you.  Please have this information available BEFORE you go online as you will not be able to register without this information.

This secure account is very important as your personal information as well as all current and historical billing information will reside here for your review. Our team will be exclusively using this system to invoice you your dues or any other expense that arise in being part of our team via EMAIL. It is very important that you maintain an active email address for purposes of the billing and team communication needs we are working on delivering.

How to Sign Into Your Account:
Sign In to your account through the Sign In button at the team website
After your are logged in please click on My Account button;
Review/Change the visible account information for accuracy then click;
Save Account Changes button in the lower right of this entry window
Review Members Under This Account box at the bottom of the General Info window. Clicking on the member name will bring you to the Member Profile page where you can edit the information for changes.

5. Who do I contact if I am having problems with my entries and not sure they are entered?

If you are having difficulties with the system and have tried all the steps listed above, please contact Alison Galbraith at or your child's coach .

6. What do I do if the meet is not listed?

We posted meets 3-4 weeks prior to the entry deadlines for the most meets or when the information is provided by the meet host. 

All entries are due on a Tuesday afternoon by 5:00pm.  The system will automatically close the entries at this time and remove the icon for registering for this meet.

We can not guarantee entry into the meet after the entry deadline.  

7. What are the procedures for Travel Meets with Machine Aquatics?

Machine Aquatics participates in several travel meets during the season for all levels of competition.  Information regarding the travel meet will be listed in the meet announcement on the Meets page.  Arrangements for the meet will be indicated in the meet announcement.  For most meets we travel too, swimmers will travel as a team on the team bus for a small additional charge.  Traveling with the team for competition is not required but strongly encouraged for all swimmer below National Team Level.

Machine National Team swimmers will travel as a team to all events. Information regarding these meets will be sent directly to the the swimmers at least 8-10 weeks prior to travel.  All expenses for the National Team are paid for by parents.  We do have minimal fund raising to support the National team.

All swimmers participating in a Machine travel meet must read and sign the Machine Code of Conduct located on the Parents page.  The form will also require a parent signature.

8. Payment Procedures

All payment for the season are due per the published payment schedule.  The Registration fee of $550.00 must be received with registration to guarantee your spot on the team.  Failure to submit this payment will result in your spot with Machine being released.  Please make sure to send you payment in.  You will receive an email with your account statement within 24 hours of registering.

9. Practice Schedules

Machine Aquatics offers many levels of practices.  These groups range from Stroke Mechanics, Micro Machine, Age Group Machine, High Performance Age Group Machine, Senior Prep Machine, Senior Machine, National Prep & National Team.  Swimmers are placed in groups based on ability.  Advanced Age Group, Senior and National Team are appointed by the head coaches.  Progression through the program is devised and reviewed by the coach of that group with the Head Coaches.  At the end of the season each swimmer will receive a recommended group placing for the next year.

10. Make up Policy

Machine Aquatics will do our best to offer make up practices when needed.  Please note that we will not allow makeup practice in any workout where additional swimmer will compromise the integrity of the workout in place.